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Coffee shop dreams

$4.25. That is what I made per hour at Moon City Cafe. But at the age of 19 I worked like I owned the place. It was the third cafe I worked at during my years at Evangel College, in... Continue Reading →

Negative space

  Close your eyes, and think about your childhood as if it were written into a play, or a movie. What would the tone be? Which themes would repeat themselves, and who would play the central role? From the house... Continue Reading →

Itchy Scratchy Part II – Excema

In anticipation of remodeling our basement, and to motivate us to do so, my husband and I moved our bedroom downstairs into our unfinished basement. We painted the brick, put down a rug remnant, and plopped our bed right there.... Continue Reading →

Itchy scratchy-part 1

We found out that Sophia had asthma when she was two. I had been home with her all day-she had been battling a cold, but this day she seemed worse. When my husband got home, he listened to her chest,... Continue Reading →

Casual friends, I have none

We traveled back to our homeland for a two week friend extravaganza.  Ignoring well-meaning advice, I literally tried to connect with every real true and deep friend I have in Denver.  Go ahead, roll your eyes.  You're thinking how many... Continue Reading →

My gut

Here’s my story. And I’m telling it because I have had the conversation so often, and with so many people, that I know there will be many who resonate. There may also be people who have symptoms, or have had... Continue Reading →

back to words

Good morning. I’ve had this secret blog for a year. We’ve even paid for it, for a year. I wrote furiously for 6 weeks. I needed to share about our move-it was fresh and I wanted to tell our story.... Continue Reading →

Library love

The library I grew up with, a literal 500 steps from my house in Millbury, Massachusetts, was a completely ordinary small town library.  And for the record, I grew up saying "liBERRY."  A beautiful brick building, built originally in 1864,... Continue Reading →

The (last)back story-part 3

In part 2 of this back story saga, we had just decided to begin homeschooling.  I need to tell you that this decision and literally all my big decisions start with a moment of God clarity.  What do I mean?... Continue Reading →

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