img_0230I want this first post about food to be perfect.  I want you to hear my genuine deep connection to the foods that I grew up with, the foods that come together with amazing conversation.  I love the foods that simply facilitate the feeling of being taken care of.  I want you to imagine being tired or hungry and then showing up somewhere.  And you never have to ask for anything-it’s already anticipated.  Food and drink=love.  I just cannot even handle it if your hungry.  I. Want. To. Feed. Everyone.

Not ironically, I worked for 2 food banks for 10 years of my life.  I spent 7 years building feeding programs for children in Fort Collins, CO.  Together with my team, budgeting, planning, cooking, and delivering meals to up to 300 children per day.  I was so fiercely passionate about this.  Thinking about little ones heading to school hungry, or not having dinner fueled a deep place inside.  I will do this kind of work again.

So on this blog I’m not exactly sure how the food piece will happen-but I’m not worried because thoughts about food are streaming regularly through my mind.

To my sweet friends in Colorado, there were countless meals.  Some of them planned, most of them not.  Some of them fancy, most of them comfy.  My favorites were the BBQ style potlucks.  Bringing a dish of food to share is the sweetest of communion.