Good morning. I’ve had this secret blog for a year. We’ve even paid for it, for a year. I wrote furiously for 6 weeks. I needed to share about our move-it was fresh and I wanted to tell our story. Afterwards I think I felt naked and nervous. I also started thinking about the bigger picture of blogging-the possibilities….could we make money on this blog? What opportunities could it open up? As soon as I started going there, the blog fell asleep. My husband tells me that I am horrible at making money. It’s true. But-I get the itch to write, it’s something consistent about myself. And right now, I have so much to talk about. So. Without much branding or hullabaloo, I’m going to start again. And in consistent fashion, I’m going to forget about the money, and focus on the conversation. (Sorry Bob)

So-I think what you’ll see here, on this blog, is a mix of these topics:

-Faith-and the mess of our current world.
-Our journey in opening a cafe with amazing people in Beaver Falls, PA.
-Food, recipes, food intolerances, allergies….probably bathroom talk-because you cannot talk about the above without talking about poop. This is your warning.
-I might try to get my girls to interact with this blog somehow….but that’s not a promise.

And last thing:  I will accidentally double space at the end of my sentences. Old dog, new tricks. Be patient.